Dimpled and drainage sheets

Unbeatably flexible with dimpled and drainage sheets.

As a specialist in dimpled and drainage membranes, we attach particular importance to flexibility and innovative strength.

Here we are literally setting groundbreaking standards. At PMI-Plast, for example, we were the first to offer 50 cm-wide dimpled sheets.

Today our range of products is incomparably large – with dimpled and drainage sheets in a total of 6 lengths and 10 widths. Our private label service is also tailored to your wishes. At PMI-Plast you will find the ideal solution of the highest quality for every requirement.


  • Dimpled and drainage sheets of 6 lengths and 10 widths
  • Individual private label service - individual colors, individual packaging solutions
  • All membranes in certified “Made in Moers” quality
  • Quality tested by well-known test institutes and our own test laboratory