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Damp proof course

The PM BituV DAMP PROOF COURSE (DPC) is a triple-layer, 1.2 mm thick DIN-compliant and bitumen-compatible damp proof course – elastic and watertight.

It meets the requirements of DIN EN 14909, DIN V 20.000-202 and DIN 18533. The double-sided non-woven fabric enables an excellent connection to the masonry mortar, thereby ensuring high shear strength in the masonry.

PM BituV DPC boasts extreme tear strength – longitudinal > 600 N / 5 cm to transverse > 450 N / 5 cm. Moreover, the membrane is only half as heavy at the same thickness as other commercially available 1.2 mm PVC damp proof courses.

The BituV DPC is resistant to rising moisture and rot-proof, securely protecting the masonry from the ground up. It is used as a horizontal barrier layer installed in the lowest horizontal joint of the masonry between two mortar layers and can also be used as an L- or Z-barrier in a cavity wall.

It can also be used in the area of wall openings, such as window openings, lintels or balustrades. The membrane is easy and efficient to install and is easy to cut from the 25 m long roll. It is UV-stabilised and retains its flexibility at all temperatures. The PM BituV DPC allows compact storage at trade partner and processor locations and can be glued with PM POWER FIX cartridge adhesive.

Material EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate terpolymer)
Product structure triple-layer, double-sided non-woven fabric
Colour anthracite / grey
Thickness 1,20 mm
Tear strength
DIN 16726
long. approx. > 600 N / 5 cm
trans. approx. > 450 N / 5 cm
Tear propagation resistance
DIN 16726
long. approx. > 200 N / 5 cm
trans. approx. > 300 N / 5 cm
Root resistance acc. to DIN 4062
Temperature resistance –50 °C to +80 °C
Roll length 25 m *
Roll width 11,5 / 17,5 / 24 / 30 /
36,5 / 50 cm
* Further roll lengths and widths on request!  

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