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Construction foils

PM LDPE FOILS offer optimal long-term protection for your products. They are versatile enough for use in many applications and are suitable for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike.

The quality foil, made of new, selected raw materials, is highly transparent, and stands out for its highly advantageous mechanical properties and easy handling.  In addition, it is environmentally safe and groundwater-neutral.

Translucent and black
PM LDPE FOILS are available in translucent and black. They offer universal use, and offer the best possible protection against wind, rain, dust and other environmental influences.

PM LDPE FOILS are manufactured of 100 % recycled materials and make an effective contribution to environmental protection.

They are used for covering tasks on construction sites, for instance as a privacy screen or dust shield. These construction foils are also used as underlays in scaffolding construction or as a vapour barrier in floor areas.

PM LDPE FOILS can be used under screed, to secure mounds of earth / pits, as winter protection for shell construction, to cover objects during painting or plastering work, or to cover wood.

They are also ideal for covering large floor slabs while smoothing concrete or to prevent fresh concrete from drying out too quickly.

Material LDPE
Chemical formula C2H4N
Colour Transparent, translucent,
Thickness* 0,018 mm to 0,500 mm
Width* 2 / 4 / 6 m
Length 25 / 50 m
Temperature range –40 °C to +80 °C
Properties Solvent-free, physiologically
harmless, groundwater-neutral
Packaging on Euro pallets
or by agreement

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PM PROFI BAND is a special adhesive tape and is used to bond PMI roofing underlays, common underlays as well as facade membranes with covered surfaces outdoors. The PMI PROFI BAND is also used to bond the PM LDPE DAMPFBREMSFOLIE (VAPOR BARRIER SHEET) and to bond other LDPE foils.