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Waterproofing membrane

PM THENE-TEC is the combination of a cross-laminated Valeron film and a sealing adhesive layer of special bitumen rubber. This combination creates a tear-resistant, stretchable and thus permanently crack-bridging and high-quality sealing layer.

PM THENE-TEC is used for sealing ground-contacting cellar walls and floor slabs against ground moisture and non-accumulating seepage water, but also for sealing retaining walls in gardening and landscap­ing.

It also performs a sealing function against capillary rising damp and as a vapour barrier under screeds.

As a cold self-adhesive sealing membrane (KSK), PM THENE-TEC complies with EN 13969, EN 14967 and the new waterproofing standard DIN 18533, thus fulfilling all requirements for standard-compliant waterproofing in accordance with DIN 18533 water ex­posure class W 1.1-E (soil moisture and non-pressing water) and W 1.2-E (non-pressing water in the case of ground-contacting walls and floor slabs in the case of low-permeable soil with drainage).

Before applying thermal insulation to ventilated façades, PM THENE-TEC can also be used as protection against condensation water; it can also be used as corrosion protection for underground pipes. It is also ideal for sealing windows/façades.

The Valeron film on the top side of PM THENE-TEC provides immediate protection against precipitation as well as high-performance sealing. Its immediate sealing action against water renders it unnecessary to observe a setting time.

Excavation pits can be filled immediately after laying PM THENE-TEC and the associated protection and drainage system. The waterproofing membrane can be easily cut to size and is "wallpapered" cleanly, quickly and reliably from the roll; this makes PM THENE-TEC easy to process, even in narrow excavation pits.

The defined layer thickness of 1.5 mm guarantees a uniform sealing layer. Moreover, PM THENE-TEC makes it easy to real­ize detailed connections to windows and doors as well as inside and outside corners.

Material Bitumen rubber as adhesive and sealing layer with cross-laminated HDPE cover foil
Thickness approx. 1,5 mm
Total weight approx. 1,6 kg/m²
Sd-value ≥ 400 m
Temperature Resistance –30 °C to +80 °C
Processing Temperature +5 °C to +30 °C, up to -5 °C with a special primer for low temperatures
Dimensions 1,00 m x 15,00 m
Roll weight approx. 24 kg
Packaging 1 roll upright in box
Storage Transport and store upright

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