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Drainage membrane

PM P-20-GEOTEX is a water-storing drainage membrane and is re­garded as an ideal solution for extensive and intensive roof greening. Compared to normal dimpled membranes, PM P-20-GEOTEX offers many times the drainage and water storage capacity and assumes the function of a protective, filter, seepage and water storage layer in green roofs.

The 20 mm dimples have a water storage capacity of approx. 6 l/m2. The pressure resistance of approx. 180 kN/m² offers a high level of security, corresponding to a compressive strength of approx. 18 tonnes per m². The 20 mm dimpled membrane also offers a unusually high drainage capacity of i = 1.00; approx. 9.0 l/s·m. It can therefore also be used for very large drainage lengths and/or very low roof slopes.

The plant substrate can be applied directly as the geotextile is already integrated. This saves an additional work step. Thanks to the perforation, the water-storing drainage membrane is permeable and can also be used for inverted roofs. This prevents a film of water from forming on the inverted roof insulation. The geo­textile should be removed from walkable areas without vegetation. The base layer and the bedding material can then be applied directly on the dimpled membrane without changing the material, and then the pavement or slab covering can be laid on top of it.

Dimpled membrane HDPE approx. 1000 g/m²
Geotextil PP approx. 100 g/m²
Dimple height approx. 20 mm
Total weight approx. 1.100 g/m²
Number of dimples 400 dimples/m²
Compressive strength approx. 180 kN/m²
Colour black
Water draining capacity approx. 9 l/s·m
Water storage approx. 6,0 l/m²
Roll length 10 m oder auf Anfrage
Roll width 1,90 m plus 10 cm Geotextile
Air volume between the dimples approx. 14 l/m²
Temperature resistance –30 °C to +80 °C
Chemical properties chemical-resistant
Physiological properties safe for drinking water
Characteristic opening width approx. 170 μm
Water permeability
EN ISO 11058
approx. 100 · 10-3 m/s
Fire behaviour class E

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PM RANDABSCHLUSS­PROFIL in metal or plastic. A practical edge trim profile as the top finish for dimpled and drainage sheets.


PM MONTAGEKNÖPFE with hardened steel nails. Steel nails with assembly buttons for the rational fastening of dimpled and drainage sheets to concrete and masonry.


PM POWER FIX high-performance adhesive is a permanently elastic adhesive for gluing and connecting PMI DPC, PMI dimpled and drainage sheets and PMI roofing membranes.


PM BUTYL ADHESIVE TAPE, 20 mm wide. Waterproof butyl rubber compound with strong adhesive on both sides for sealing and bonding wind and vapor barriers, underlay membranes, dimpled and drainage membranes as well as DPC.