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Drainage membrane

The three-layer PM XS3-GEOTEX protection and drainage system is a high-quality, especially flat addition to PMBC polymer-modified bituminous thick coatings for outer cellar walls. Thick coatings act as a permanent sealing, filling in cracks and joints, but for backfilling or subsequent soil settling, they can be extremely sensitive to impacts and pressure.

The result: elaborate time-intensive and thus cost-intensive safeguarding work for the backfilling process and the risk of later complaints.
The PM XS3-GEOTEX solution gives you a complete multi-layer protection and drainage system for earth-contacting structures fitted with bituminous thick coatings or other sealants. PM XS3-GEOTEX consists of a dimpled membrane, a sturdy geotextile and a rear-side sliding film. The sliding film distributes the effective earth pressure and acts as a sliding surface in case of any settling of the filling soil.

The protective effect meets the requirements of DIN 18533. Its good water draining capacity is about twice as high as the requirements of the drainage standard DIN 4095. PM XS3-GEOTEX has a compressive strength of 320 kN/m². The drainage membrane is available in many different length and width variations. PM XS3-GEOTEX protects outer cellar walls very securely against waterlogging. The moisture penetrates the geotextile and enters the ducts of the dimpled membrane, where it is securely drained. In the process, the geotextile acts as a filter and prevents the ducts from getting clogged up.

Material HDPE
Sliding film LDPE approx. 200 μm
Geotextile polypropylene
Dimple height approx. 4 mm
Total weight approx. 580 g/m²
Number of dimples approx. 2.500 Noppen/m²
Compressive strength approx. 320 kN/m²
Colour black
Water flow capacity
in the plane
approx. 0,61 l/s·m at 20 kPa rigid/soft
Roll width 0,5 / 0,75 / 1,0 / 1,5 / 2,0 / 2,5 m
Roll length 15 m (Additional lengths on request)
Temperature resistance –30 °C to +80 °C
Biological properties resistant to bacteria and fungi, rot-resistant, root-resistant
Physiological properties safe for drinking water
Fire behaviour class E

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