PM 20

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PM 20

Dimpled sheet

PM 20 is a high-performance drainage membrane and is considered the ideal solution for the drainage of rising, seepage and backwater in tunnel constructions. Compared to conventional dimpled membranes, it offers many times the drainage capacity. PM 20 is used in civil engineering, e.g. as a lost formwork between shoring and concrete structure wall.

Any water that accumulates can then be drained off accordingly during the shell construction phase.

The dimple height of 20 mm offers an enormous drainage capacity of approx. 9 l/s·m.

The pressure resistance of approx. 180 kN/m² ensures a high level of security and corresponds to a compressive strength of 18 t per m2.

PM 20 offers great advantages in tunnel construction. When laid horizontally, it absorbs large quantities of mountain water and safely discharges it into the drainage pipe at the base.

The large drainage cross-section creates safe reserves for possible cross-sectional constrictions due to sintering.

Material HDPE approx. 1.000 g/m²
Dimple height 20 mm
Compressive strength approx. 180 kN/m²
Drainage capacity approx. 9 l/s·m
Air volume between the dimples approx. 14 l/m²
Temperature resistance –30 °C to +80 °C
Fire behaviour class E; B1 acc. to class A possible for special structural requirements
Roll length 20 m (Additional lengths on request)
Roll width 0,5 m / 1,0 m / 1,5 m / 2,0 m
Chemical properties chemical-resistant
Biological properties resistant to bacteria and fungi, rot-resistant, root-resistant
Physiological properties safe for drinking water

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PM RANDABSCHLUSS­PROFIL in metal or plastic. A practical edge trim profile as the top finish for dimpled and drainage sheets.


PM MONTAGEKNÖPFE with hardened steel nails. Steel nails with assembly buttons for the rational fastening of dimpled and drainage sheets to concrete and masonry.


PM POWER FIX high-performance adhesive is a permanently elastic adhesive for gluing and connecting PMI DPC, PMI dimpled and drainage sheets and PMI roofing membranes.


PM BUTYL ADHESIVE TAPE, 20 mm wide. Waterproof butyl rubber compound with strong adhesive on both sides for sealing and bonding wind and vapor barriers, underlay membranes, dimpled and drainage membranes as well as DPC.