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Drainage membrane

PM DRAIN-TEC-ECOnopp® is an effective protection and drainage system and the universal solution for both horizontal and vertical surface drainage on all pressure-resistant surfaces. PM DRAIN-TEC-ECOnopp® consists of a dimpled membrane and a sturdy geotex¬tile. The smooth back side allows for a uniform and extensive load distribution on the sealing. This double-layer system protects the wa¬terproofing below it from mechanical damage and damaging thermal stresses. PM DRAIN-TEC-ECOnopp® has a compressive strength of 400 kN/m². The drainage membrane is available in many different length and width variations. The excellent water draining capacity is multiple times higher than required by drainage standard DIN 4095.

PM DRAIN-TEC-ECOnopp® protects roofs of underground car parks and patio against waterlogging. The moisture penetrates the geotextile and enters the ducts of the dimpled membrane, where it is securely drained. In the process, the geotextile acts as a filter and prevents the ducts from getting clogged up. The optimal high-performance geotex¬tile boasts very high initial strength and is subject to only minimum deformation under increasing working load.

ECOnoppOur sustainable, environmentally friendly and resource-saving product line. The use of regranulates relieves the burden on the environment, reduces energy consumption compared to new plastics and reduces CO2 emissions. This closes the recycling cycle - without even making any compromises on quality or economic efficiency.

Dimpled membrane HDPE
Geotextile polypropylene
Dimple height 8 mm
Total weight approx. 800 g/m²
Number of dimples 1.710 dimples/m²
Compressive strength approx. 400 kN/m² = 40 t/m²
Colour black
Water draining capacity approx. 2,61 l/s·m at 20 kPa soft/soft
Roll length 12,5 / 15 / 20 m
Roll width 0,5 / 0,75 / 1,0 / 1,5 / 2,0 / 2,5 m
Air volume between the dimples approx. 5,5 l/m²
Temperature resistance –30 °C to +80 °C
Chemical properties chemical-resistant
Physiological properties safe for drinking water
Characteristic opening width approx. 170 μm
Water permeability
EN ISO 11058
approx. 100 · 10-3 m/s

Also available with a compressive strength of 250 kN/m².

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PM RANDABSCHLUSS­PROFIL in metal or plastic. A practical edge trim profile as the top finish for dimpled and drainage sheets.


PM MONTAGEKNÖPFE with hardened steel nails. Steel nails with assembly buttons for the rational fastening of dimpled and drainage sheets to concrete and masonry.


PM POWER FIX high-performance adhesive is a permanently elastic adhesive for gluing and connecting PMI DPC, PMI dimpled and drainage sheets and PMI roofing membranes.


PM BUTYL ADHESIVE TAPE, 20 mm wide. Waterproof butyl rubber compound with strong adhesive on both sides for sealing and bonding wind and vapor barriers, underlay membranes, dimpled and drainage membranes as well as DPC.